Due to the Corona virus and the risk of infection, Solporten has introduced some new measures in the way we work – for which we would like your cooperation.

First and foremost, we want to make it clear that we are following the public health authorities’ general advice and guidelines and believe that it is important not to magnify or reduce the prevailing circumstances.

Solporten recommends that you have a work in progress case with us to first use the telephone, email or the online ‘Mina Sidor’.

We currently only repair faults in an apartment which are critical – such as water leaks, electrical faults, appliances, most problems with locks or other serious faults that may affect you, your neighbors, visitors or the property.

We will also ask you a few verification questions if you need our help;
Are you sick? Have you been in risk areas during the last 14 days? If you have been ill, are you healthy now by a good margin? If you are older or for any other reason are in a high risk group of becoming critically ill by coronavirus, we will gladly avoid visiting you for your own sake.

If we have to carry out any work in or inspect your apartment, we would like you to either leave the keys in the key tube and leave the apartment or alternatively kindly keep a distance from us when we visit you.

Both before and after work is done in apartments, we sanitise our hands. We also use gloves as much as possible and avoid shaking hands with you, all to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Please remember that we visit many other homes, besides yours, and it is in our common interest to make a difference to everyone.

NOTE: all visits to Solporten’s office must be booked in advance, even if you only need to collect or leave keys.

Best wishes from all of us at Solporten!