Water & Drainage

Preventing blocked drains:

  • Discard coffee grounds and tea leaves in the trash – not down the sink!
  • Discard cotton buds, sanitary towels and paper towels in the trash – not in the toilet!
  • Remove hair and another things stuck in the bottom valve of the bathtub, sink and kitchen sink.

Clearing blocked drains:
The drain trap is the small bend in the drain pipe underneath the sink. Place a bucket under the drain trap. There must always be some water in the trap which acts like a water seal to prevent bad odors coming up to the apartment. Even the floor drain in the bathroom has a trap that must be cleaned periodically to prevent odors. Small blockages in the drain are easy to clear yourself. Use a suction drain cleaner which is available in regular stores. To make the cleanup more efficient while using the suction cleaner, cover the overflow hole in the sink to increase the suction. Alternatively, you can remove the drain trap and use a drain cleaning machine or a similar tool to clear out the drain.