Heating & Ventilation

By building regulations, the temperature in living areas should not be lower than 18°C. We try to maintaining a minimum temperature of 20°C, which is measured at a height of one meter in the middle of the room.

Air currents in the apartment
Air currents are a common problem that can be difficult to deal with. Air currents occur when a door or window is left ajar, or when the doors and windows need to be sealed. Air currents may also occur because of cold drafts. This happens when warm air is cooled down by a very cold windowpane and then sinks to the floor. The result is an air current in the apartment. Cold drafts are hard to get rid of. One way to avoid them is to rearrange the furniture so that you do not sit near a window, a balcony or a front door.

Thermal comfort and energy costs
About a third of the rent goes towards the energy cost of heating homes. This heating further contributes to the greenhouse effect since all heating generates greenhouse gases. So it is in everyone’s best interest to keep energy consumption down!

If the air vents are clogged
If the supply air vents are clogged in a room it increases the air flow in other rooms and apartments. It will eventually lead to the kitchen hood not working correctly. It can also cause air to be stagnant in the stairwell which then brings in odors from other apartments.

Keep the vents clean
Ventilation works best if the vents are clean. Try to clean the vents about two or three times a year. You do not need to remove the vents to clean them, use a damp cloth to wipe them instead.

Signs that the ventilation isn’t working:

  • It smells stuffy.
  • Condensation forms on windows.
  • Mold starts growing indoors, typically in the bathroom.


  • Ventilate often.
  • Check air supply vents.
  • Clean the air supply vents, filters and fans, and the cooking range hood.
  • Try to locate the source of the odor and eliminate it. Mold can usually be cleaned with disinfectant.

Air trapped inside heaters
If there is trapped air in a heater, it prevents the hot water from circulating and spreading the heat around inside. To remove the air open the air valve at the top of the heater. This valve is opened by using a key which is available at Clas Ohlson. The trapped air in the heater escapes when the valve is opened. When the heater is free of air just close the valve again. It is advisable to hold a small bowl near the nozzle to catch any water that comes out. Contact Solporten’s office if you need help with this procedure.

Airing your apartment
The most effective way to remove contaminated air and moisture in the apartment is by airing it. Try to air out the apartment quickly and effectively so that the apartment doesn’t lose too much heat in the process.

Do not leave the kitchen window ajar while cooking since this will cause smoke to go into the apartment and in some cases even to stairwells and other apartments. If necessary, you can slightly open a window in the next room and open the door to the kitchen. In this way, the other rooms will be free of odors. Then after the cooking is done, close the door to the kitchen and open the kitchen window wide open for a minute to remove odors from the kitchen. Note: Please do not air the apartment by opening the door to the stairwell.