Apartment Renovations

If you would like Solporten to pay for the apartment’s renovation you need to call our managers and ask for an apartment inspection. We will then make an assessment of the renovation. Often it is about re-painting or applying wallpaper in a room… or about kitchen appliances. We make an assessment to see if it is necessary to carry out those renovations or if we should wait to do them later. As a rule, we would like to budget the costs for the following year, which is why we would like to do the inspections latest by September.

We renovate appliances as long as it is economically viable to do so. When it comes to re-painting and new wallpaper, we assess the current condition and when the last renovation took place to see if it needs a change. We do not consider personal choice of wallpaper or colors. Do keep in mind that some wear and tear is normal in a rental apartment and if it is something one cannot live with then it is time for a renovation.

As a rule, you may re-paint or wallpaper the hall, bedroom and living room yourself, provided you choose bright neutral colors and that it is done professionally. Please call the manager before hand to match color codes. Painting on top of old wallpaper without having splattered joints is not considered done professionally. While considering re-painting and wallpaper, please keep in mind that when you move out you are obliged to return the apartment in its original or a better condition, and it is Solporten who will decide this.

If you are renovating the apartment yourself
Any renovations in the apartment should be done by a professional. No fixtures such as the closets, bathroom cabinets or hat rack should be removed. Baseboards, moldings, chamfers, window sills, window frames and wardrobes may only be painted white. Kitchen cabinets may not be painted dark. No extreme colors should be used for some finishes which might make the apartment less attractive. Please contact Solporten for the recommended color selection. Failure to follow these guidelines could make you financially liable for restoration when you move out or even earlier.