Rules & Regulations

While living in an apartment building you are always going to have neighbors living around you, and to some extent it becomes necessary to tolerate their different ways of life. All tenants, however, have the huge responsibility to not disturb their neighbors more than is absolutely necessary.

Solporten has specified a few helpful guidelines for living together successfully in a building society. To avoid any problems please inform your neighbors if you are planning to have a party or the like. If you are unsure about something please call us beforehand.

To preserve harmony on the properties, we ask all tenants to kindly comply with the following:

  1. Please do not play loud music that may disturb other residents.
  2. Please do not to drill or hammer between 20:00 and 08:00.
  3. Please avoid flushing water during the late evening and night.
  4. Please do not place things such as furniture, carpets, bicycles, strollers, sleds etc that may get in the way and impede access at the entrance, in the stairwell, attic or basement corridors.
  5. Please report faults or problems that occur in the apartment immediately. If an injury occurs as a result of a fault that you failed to report, you may be liable for compensation.
  6. Please supervise your pets so that they don’t get hurt, and that they don’t contaminate playgrounds, garden or other common areas. The pet should not run around loose on the property or disturb others. Please also do not feed birds from windows, balconies or on the grounds.
  7. Please do not install satellite dishes, outdoor aerials, signs, awnings etc without prior permission from the landlord.
  8. Please do not use a grill on the balcony, patio or outside close to the building.
  9. Please do not place flower pots or plant boxes on the outside of the balcony or deck railing, and do not shake carpets and bedding from the window or balcony.
  10. Please do not smoke in the public areas of the property.

If you get disturbed:
In the daytime please call Solporten and speak to the caretaker of your building.
In the evening or night please call the Disturbance Hotline instead.
We will ask you a few questions to ensure we get all the facts right.

The following information is important to us:

  • Who you think is doing the disturbing.
  • What kind of disturbance is it, eg. a party, loud music, noise, screams, etc.
  • When – the date and time when disturbance occurred.

Once we get that information, we will then contact the person causing the disturbance. In our experience, the disturbance usually stops after we speak to the person causing it. Very rarely over the years have we had to actually ask the offenders to terminate their lease. In extreme cases we would take the help of the authorities, Kronofogden, or Hyresnämnden, and if that happens you may need to testify– though you will be advised of this well in advance. Until then your identity and complaints are kept private.

In the daytime please call:
Solporten’s caretaker: 08- 514 939 60

In the evening and night please call:
Disturbances Hotline for emergencies 08- 568 214 00
This hotline is open from 20:00– 03:00 weekdays and 20:00 – 04:00 on Friday and Saturday.

Our security firm will then be notified and will call you to get details about the disturbance. If necessary, they will go to the location immediately.