When you move out

Terminating your lease
You may terminate your lease by filling up the designated section on your lease document, or on a copy of it, and submitting it to the Solporten office. The lease termination section is usually found on the back of the lease document. The tenant together with the husband, wife or sambo need to sign it. If you know your new address please fill that in as well. When we have received your termination we will countersign it and fill in your last day of lease. If you are also giving up any parking or garage spaces the appropriate contracts need to be terminated as well. The notice period for parking and garage spaces are usually three months.

Apartment inspection
When you terminate your lease we carry out an apartment inspection and a final cleaning inspection. You need to be present for both these inspections.

We will contact you to schedule a time for the first inspection, during which we will check to see that the apartment has not suffered excessive wear, and that everything that belongs in the apartment is where it should be. We also check that no notable changes have been made that make the apartment unworthy of being leased. If, for example, you have painted something in a different color without prior permission, you are liable for the cost of restoration. It doesn’t matter if you as a tenant believe that repainting improved the apartment. Holes, marks and blemishes that are a result of installing mirrors, shelves, frames etc. will need to be repaired and restored. A list of anything else that needs to be repaired or restored will be furnished after the initial inspection. The repairs will need to be carried out before the final inspection.

After the first apartment inspection we can decide on a date for the final cleaning inspection. The apartment can be handed back to us after completion of the final inspection. To assist in the cleanup, listed below is a guide and checklist of what has to be cleaned. In cases where the cleanup is inadequate or not possible, we use a cleaning company, the costs of which are then invoiced to you. At this handing over, the whole apartment, balconies and storage areas need to be emptied of everything that does not belong there. The hat shelf, bathroom cabinet, toilet paper holders, curtain fittings, smoke alarm and anything that belongs in the apartment should be left behind.

Please note: While you vacate the apartment you also need to clear your storage areas.

Tips on Cleaning the apartment
The following are tips and a checklist of what should be cleaned up. Kindly make sure the apartment is left neat and clean for the next tenant.


  • Draw out the cooking range and clean the back, sides, the wall, cabinet sides and floor.
  • Top of the cooking range along with the hot plates.
  • Insides of the oven, the door and the accompanying trays, grills etc.
  • Cutting boards and counters.
  • Light fixtures should be dismantled and cleaned.
  • Kitchen cabinets inside and out. Do not forget the edges of the cabinet doors.
  • Air vents or fans.
  • Refrigerator, freezer and cold cabinets must be cleaned inside and out, as well as behind.
    Note: If the fridge or freezer is turned off the doors should be left open.
  • Any painted surface which is greasy should be wiped clean.
  • The sink, disk rack and tiles.
  • Vacuum and mop the floors, molding and trimming, the heater, switches and sockets.


  • The bathtub needs to be scoured and cleaned, along with the floor below.
  • Drain under the tub.
  • Toilet, seat, in and around along with the flush.
  • Wash basin, faucets etc.
  • Walls, floors, molding and trimming, all cabinets, mirrors and pipes.
  • Water trap of the sink should be unscrewed and cleaned.

Other rooms

  • Vacuum and mop all floors, molding and trimmings.
  • Windows inside and outside.
  • Wipe the walls, ceilings, radiators, air vents, switches and sockets. Remove any stickers from tiles etc.
  • Clean painting around windows and window sills.
  • Window trimming.
  • All doors, door frames and panels. Vacuum and wipe down all closets and other storage areas inside and out.
  • Attic, basement storage, and please give Solporten your storage area number.


  • Please remember to hand over all keys including the laundry room keys or reservation tumblers.