Paying the rent

When should I pay the rent?
You will receive rent notices from us four times a year. This usually happens around the 20th of March, June and September. In December we send them out around the 15th. These notices pertain to the rent for the next three months and include payment slips. The rent should be paid in advance and no later than the last working day of each month.

Bankgiro or Autogiro?
You can choose how you want to pay the rent. If you are missing a rent receipt, please use the regular Bankgiro payment slip. Please remember that along with the Bankgiro number 687-7930, also write your name, address and apartment number.

The advantage of using Autogiro is that you won’t risk being late on rent payments. This service does not cost you anything extra. You just have to make sure there is money in your account during the last working day of each month since Autogiro makes only one attempt to withdraw the money. Please note also that only the contract holder can subscribe for Autogiro. You may read the terms and conditions for Autogiro and fill up the forms if you wish to pay your rent that way. [Download forms]  [Online Autogiro]

What happens if I forget to pay the rent?
As long as you have not received a reminder about the rent, you may pay the rent using the existing payment form. If you have not paid the rent you will receive a reminder in the mail after seven or eight days. Failure in paying the rent despite a reminder will result in a collection of the rent. Both, a reminder and a collection gives the landlord the right to charge a claim fee of 50 kronor and 160 kronor respectively. This fee will be added to the next rent notice sent out to you. Please ensure the rent is paid on time since repeated delays are a valid reason for terminating the lease.

When would I be asked to move out?
If you have not paid the rent despite repeated reminders or debt collections and have not contacted us, then legal action will be taken. Legal action includes both the termination of leases and the involvement of the enforcement authority (Kronofogdemyndigheten). In this case, the authorities will be informed of the cancellation and debt.

If payment is still not made within the specified time, the enforcement authorities have the right to evict you immediately. If you have any objections, you will have to appeal to the district court where a decision will be made legally.