You and your neighbors

We have all had annoying neighbors at one time or the other. But how much disturbance should we put up with and when is it time to make a complaint?

There are two parts to the problem. First it’s about how the apartments are designed, and then it is about they way people live and what they should and should not do while living in apartment buildings.

The apartments were designed to a certain building standard that was applicable when the apartment was built. Although this standard is met, it does not mean that we can demand complete silence inside. Building completely quiet apartments would be so expensive that nobody could afford to live in them.

So living in apartment buildings is about being respectful and considerate to your neighbors. Some people live alone and so have relatively quiet lives. Others have large families, with kids and pets and so understandably would have a noisier life. If you are disturbed by a neighbor the best way to handle it is to talk to them about it. This usually sorts the problem out, but if that doesn’t help please contact the Solporten office and we will handle it. If the problem persists after repeated warnings it could lead to the offending tenant’s lease being terminated.