Changing apartments

It is possible to change apartments if you have a valid reason to do so. It shouldn’t inconvenience the landlord and there should be no objections to the change. This also applies to rental apartments where tenants intent to live permanently.

Stricter rules for changing apartments
On October 1, 2019, new rules apply to apartment exchange and trade in leases. The following are the most important rules you as a tenant and exchange party should know about:

Apartment changes always require authorisation

  • As a tenant, you always need authorisation from the landlord to change your apartment. The information in the exchange application must be true and the exchange should take place accordingly. No significant information should be omitted.
  • You and your exchange partner should both have lived in the apartments for at least one year.
  • A change of villa or owner occupied flat is not allowed.

Leases on the Black Market

  • It is forbidden to trade in housing leases for unauthorised compensation.
  • A tenant who sells a lease or who pays a tenant or black market broker for a lease is committing a crime and will lose the tenancy immediately. The penalty is a fine or imprisonment for two years. If the crime is serious one can be sentenced to prison for four years.

National Registration

  • You must be registered in the country where you live.
  • It is a crime to submit incorrect information or to fail to notify changed tax records to the Swedish Tax Agency when you move. The sentence is a fine or imprisonment for a maximum of six months.

The application for a change should be made at least two months in advance. The tenant applying to move should include with the application, references on work and current status. Before permission for the change is granted, the apartment must be inspected. The inspection can be booked over the phone.

The current tenant needs to be present for the inspection. Before moving out, the tenant is obliged to pay for any damage to the apartment which is not from normal everyday use. As the new tenant approves and accepts the apartment, they are then also responsible for the apartment from then forward. They will be responsible for any damage caused by the previous tenant.

Parking places are not attached to the apartment lease and so, are not a part of the move. If the apartment has any special enhanced features which increased the rent, this will then mean an increase in rent for the new tenant as well. These details can be discussed and agreed upon at the inspection. Enhanced features in an apartment include special floors, remodeled bathrooms or kitchens, and security doors.

Applications and documents should be sent or handed to the Solporten office.
If you are looking to switch to another Solporten apartment you may send a request to the office. Many people have applied to move to a larger apartment, while almost no one wants to move to a smaller one. So for moving to larger apartments we suggest you find a different option.