Today Solporten owns and manages 24 properties in Solna, Sundbyberg, Stockholm and Enköping. It’s office is located at Forngränd 1 in Solna, from where a team of twelve people manage all the operations.

2016 is the jubilee year for Solporten AB and it has now also been 40 years since inception. On December 31, 1975 the founders, Bill Lindwall & Per Hamberg, bought the first property – Nordan 9 located at Fyrgränd 2 in Solna. This, being the first property, is special to us and we are proud to say we still own it today.

The founder, Bill Lindwall, who was also an avid collector of antique organs.

The acquisition of Nordan 9 was also the beginning of a new era, as it was the first building that we completely refurbished in 2012. Since homes were constructed with the most modern standards of the time, it became our mission to offer the same standards today– something our current and future tenants would expect in a good home.

During the 70s and 80s the founders acquired more real estate but it was difficult to turn the business around. Bill Lindwall then decided to handle both the maintenance and financial management to make things work. He had always seen the value in long-term real estate investment.

In time as the portfolio grew so did the management requirements. They soon needed a structured organization to properly manage the properties and keep up with customer expectations. So in 1991 Solporten Fastighets AB was formed and it is now celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Today Solporten owns 24 residential properties of about 1,000 homes. Most of them are in Solna with 600 homes. Additionally we have 200 homes in Stockholm, 170 in Enköping and 20 in Sundbyberg. A good size to have accomplished as we now build an organization for the future.


The founders, Bill Lindwall and Per Hamberg, along with Bill’s son, Pontus Lindwall.

Over the years Solporten has sold very few properties since the main focus has always been rental housing.

Although we have plans of refurbishing each property in due course, we also look for opportunities to build new homes on the existing property or on new land. We have always believed that rentals are an ideal type of housing today and more so in the future.

So this year we celebrate both 25 years as a company, and 40 years as property owners and we look forward to many more years of success.

With best wishes
Kristoffer Wilhelmsson , CEO
Solporten Fastighets AB