Solportens activities should always be conducted with environmental concerns in mind. We do this by choosing resource saving alternatives that contribute to sustainable development. The way we interpret the current environmental laws is that they express a minimum standard. At Solporten we always try to reduce our environmental impact. Our environmental policy covers all aspects of the business from management to day to day procedures. Environmental work should also be a natural part of our activities.

Environmental Impact
The biggest impact that Solportens activities have on the environment is through the energy used in heating the properties. The facilities are upgraded periodically to help reduce environmental impact. The usage of heat, electricity and water are measured each month so that anomalies in consumption can be detected and corrected. In 2008 Solporten’s last two oil heated buildings were converted to geothermal heating while one oil furnace was retained as an additional resource for the coldest days. Besides these two properties all the other properties use district heating. In Solna and Sundbyberg, 95% of the heat comes from heat pumps and renewable fuels. All the properties were checked for Radon and they are all below the safety limit. PCBs on all the properties have been inventoried and then cleaned up!

Environmental Goals

  • To reduce the environmental impact from energy use. This also includes the energy consumption through transport.
  • To make the right choices regarding materials, products and waste while managing and maintaining properties.
  • To reduce the risk of any environmental dangers on the tenants by measuring Radon, removing asbestos, improving indoor air quality, cleaning up PCB’s and good fire safety facilities.